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Partner Nurseries & Businesses

We encourage you to patronize these fabulous local nurseries and garden artisans -these are our friends and neighbors.  We are so fortunate to have such a rich, diverse selection of plant growers and talented folks in our area!

Schreiner's Iris Gardens

3625 Quinaby Road NE, Salem OR  (503) 393-3232

Growing the finest Iris since 1925, Schreiner's is a gem right here in our own backyard!  Visit the gardens, shop online.  200 acres of mouth watering Iris.

Adelman Peony Gardens, LLC  
5690 Brooklane Rd NE, Salem, OR (503)393-6185 
Nearly 500 varieties on 25 acres, you can order online and visit their
open house during the bloom season.
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